Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meet John!

Today I'm linking up with SUYL Singles from Kelly's Korner.  I'm a little late getting this post up, but wanted to join in on the fun! 

This is my brother-in-law John! He is in his mid 30's and lives in Little Rock, AR. He is currently finishing up his 4th year of medical school at UAMS. He is still trying to narrow down what he wants to specialize in. 

In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with his friends, working out, playing the guitar and spending time with his family. He loves Jesus. Loves the outdoors and like to fish and canoe. He loves dogs. He adores his two nieces!

John is also an identical twin! I'm married to his brother! :) They are best friends. 

He grew up in Fayetteville, AR on a farm and has wonderful parents.  He went to the U of A and has a bachelors in electrical engineering as well as his masters degree too. 

John is just an all around nice guy and is a lot of fun to be around. He has a big heart and really puts others before himself.  

If you are interested please leave me a commet or email me or if you have any questions!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Kinley is TWO!!!

How is it possible my baby is two?!? Kinley turned two on Friday and we had a great day celebrating her birthday. It was just us, which I know she doesn't know the difference, but I wish that all our family could have been here to celebrate her special day.  I have been talking to Kinley about her birthday for a few weeks and that she was going to be two. When you ask her how old she is she says two and can usually get her two fingers up, sometimes it might be three!

Anyway, onto Kinley's birthday fun! She loves pancakes, so I made her some special birthday blueberry pancakes!

She was too funny when she saw the lit candles. She said oh mommy cool! She tried to blow them out, but needed a little bit of help. 

She opened a birthday card that came in the mail that day from Grandma, Papa and Uncle Brad. She was very excited about it! She loves to check and open the mail. Those are her birthday pj's that I had got a few months ago marked down really cheap from Gap. 

After we got ready for the day we headed out to lunch. I planned on taking her to CFA, but it was so busy because school was canceled here for 2 days because they thought hurricane Isaac was going to cause all sorts of issues, which it did not. The kids got lucky and had a 5 day weekend! So, we headed to Raising Cane's Chicken. So good!! Enjoying her lunch!

Brooklyn had fun too!

After lunch we headed over to Orange Leaf for some bday froyo! Yummy!!


The birthday girl needed some balloons! And sweet Brooklyn sleeping while we were out and about. 

We couldn't wait for daddy to get home that evening so we could open presents and eat cake. Here is the birthday table! She loves Elmo, so I thought it was only fitting to make an Elmo cake for her!

She was VERY excited about her cake! So cute!

And she was so interested in Elmos eyes! She kept pointing at them and saying Elmo's eyes.

She had no problem opening her presents. She was hilarious opening them. She would say oh cool, oh mine, and would say mmmmhuh (not really sure how to type that out), but it was so cute. And she's really into saying that everything is cool. 

She got a train set from one set of her grandparents and loves it!

My parents were able to Facetime on the ipad to join in on the fun and watch! We set it up over on the kitchen counter. 

A few more things she got, a pink school bus and a travel kitty pillow!

After presents we headed out for dinner. She also got some hello kitty dishes. She had taken them all out of the box, but repacked them back in the box so that she could take them with her. The cup even had water in it!

And trying out her pillow.....

Kinley loves mexican food, so we ate at our favorite local mexican restaurant. 

And then back home to play with her new toys! And of course eat cake too!

It was such a wonderful day! Kinley you are loved so very much!!! You are just such a joy to us and we love watching you grow and learn new things every day! You makes us laugh and keep us on our toes! You are one busy little girl. You are a very, very sweet big sister too! Brooklyn loves you very much! I know that all of our family loves you so much too and miss you very much! Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Past few days

There's not been a whole lot going on with us. Jared has been working a lot and has not had a full day off in 2 weeks and don't know when his next day off will be. So, it's just been me and the girls a lot, but when daddy gets home we make the best of our time!

She adores her daddy and he adores her.....just look at her face, she is one happy girl with her daddy!

I believe I was cleaning the kitchen and Jared was "watching" the girls for me. This is what I found a few minutes later! Poor guy, he can never seem to get caught up on sleep! But, it sure made for a sweet picture!

Brooklyn enjoying her play mat. She tried to roll over, but couldn't quite figure it out. She has got really good at reaching for toys and grabbing them! 

Oh and her new favorite thing is eating those sweet feet! She can stay pretty happy and occupied with her feet for a good 30 minutes sometimes.

Of course her fingers are just as good! 

Playing ball with daddy one evening. It rained one afternoon and Kinley LOVED playing in the rain. She may or may not have ended up naked in the back yard dancing in the rain....;)

Friday night we went to the store and came home with this! I'm thinking she's ready. I've done a lot of reading on potty training and she shows all the signs for being ready. I got some M&M's for rewards. I'm going to try the 3 day naked training. I might start tomorrow. I don't want to force it if she's not ready. We will see....

We went to church this morning. Jared has only been able to go with us once. It is hard going by myself, but that's one thing I promised myself, that I would go. I love going to church and it gives me something to look forward every week. It is kinda hard finding a church on my own for us. But, we've been going to the same one for a month now and I really like it. I'm planning on starting Sunday school class next weekend.  I've been taking the girls to the nursery.  Poor Kinley is going through separation anxiety and cries every time I take her. Today she started to cry as we were walking into the church building. I feel so bad leaving her and it brakes my heart. The only thing I know to do is keep taking her and she will get better. They said she did a lot better today and didn't cry for too long. When I picked her up she was having fun and playing with bubbles, so that made me feel better.  And I know they will text me if they need me to get her, which has happened once. 

 I had a 25% coupon to Old Navy that I wanted to use. So, I hit up mainly the sale rack. Got the girls some stuff for next year, Kinley some leggings and a dress for the Fall.  I got all of this (12 items) for $55 bucks. I thought that was pretty good, it averages a little over $4 for each item. I'm really not a fan of character shirts, but Kinley loves Elmo and I thought this one was tastefully done. It's for her birthday on Friday! Still can't believe she will be 2!!!

Afterwards, we went next door to the book store. Goodness, you would've thought this girl walked into a candy store! Kinley kept saying "book, mommy, read book" and bringing me books.  I plan on taking her to story time a the library this week. Something that's been on my "things to do" list for a while. 

Brooklyn had fun reading books too! :)

When Jared got off work tonight, we enjoyed a yummy mexican dinner out. When we pulled into the restaurant parking lot, Kinley said "i wanna eat mommy" "i hungry". I thought it was funny she recognized we were going to go eat out. While we were eating she leaned over next to me and said cheeeeese mommy, so daddy took our picture. 

Looking forward to the week and celebrating Kinley's birthday on Friday! I'm making her an Elmo cake! Wish me luck! :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Park and Painting

We have had some mornings that have been a little cooler and over cast, so we have been to the park a few times this past week. It was nice to get outside in the sunshine!

 Swinging and sliding with mommy! Brooklyn not too sure what to think!

 Swinging on the big kids swing! She absolutely LOVES to swing, always has since she was a little baby. She just laughs and says "wheeeeeeee" and will say "more mommy, more".

I've been trying to find things to keep this busy bee occupied inside too. I bought some washable kids paint and she really enjoyed painting.

 I showed her how to use her fingers to paint and she thought that was fun.

 Saying "cheeeeese mommy"!

 And one of the finished products hangs proudly on the fridge. I plan on putting it a picture frame and hanging it up in her room.