Friday, August 24, 2012

Park and Painting

We have had some mornings that have been a little cooler and over cast, so we have been to the park a few times this past week. It was nice to get outside in the sunshine!

 Swinging and sliding with mommy! Brooklyn not too sure what to think!

 Swinging on the big kids swing! She absolutely LOVES to swing, always has since she was a little baby. She just laughs and says "wheeeeeeee" and will say "more mommy, more".

I've been trying to find things to keep this busy bee occupied inside too. I bought some washable kids paint and she really enjoyed painting.

 I showed her how to use her fingers to paint and she thought that was fun.

 Saying "cheeeeese mommy"!

 And one of the finished products hangs proudly on the fridge. I plan on putting it a picture frame and hanging it up in her room. 

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